We are technology for sustainable beekeeping

Triple Impact: 🐝


We help the hives to reach strong pollination, achieving increases in gage and productivity per hectare, thanks to the monitoring of agroclimatic variables of the farms and hives. We offer a platform to add value to the work of beekeepers, offering their products around the world.


Beewaze monitors critical variables in the hives that supports and gives value to the work of the beekeeper, promoting its associativity through community alarms that help to reduce reaction times to the risk of mortality of bees, thus encouraging good beekeeping practices and cooperation.


We contribute to the increase and strengthening of the bee population by monitoring variables inside and outside the hives. The impact of bees on pollination in addition to the production of fruits and seeds, reduces the likelihood of forest fires by strengthening forests and endemic flora.

What Does Beewaze?

We monitor hives 365 days a year, providing clear and timely information to reduce the risk of mortality of bees and increase productivity in agriculture.


We install sensors inside the hive and monitor the climatic conditions where they are located.


The information is displayed on a simple screen, from any smartphone or computer.

Community Alarms

Beekeepers can now be communicated in network to alert the presence of pests or agro-chemicals, encouraging the use of best beekeeping practices.







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