We are the tool to bring the hives to the palm of your hand.

We monitor the weather conditions inside and outside the hives, so you can take the necessary actions that help to reduce the death of your bees, increasing the productivity of your apiary. This generate a greater availability of hives to sell pollination services and higher production of honey.

We Optimize your time

With Beewaze you can see the weather conditions of the hives remotely, prioritizing visits to the apiaries that need it most or hives that showed changes in the normal parameters of control to avoid the death of your bees.

We Increase your performance

The monitoring allows to have a greater control of the environmental parameters that increase the strength and vigor of the hive, obtaining better yields in quantity of honey and higher price for pollination services.

Alerts and Notifications

We alert to any change in the variables monitored, reducing the time of action and improving communication with other beekeepers in the presence of pests or changes in the climatic variables where the hives are located.


It allows to control the in and out of bees during the day, showing the increase in weight either due to the increase in the production of honey, wax, hatchlings, among others.


In periods of extreme temperatures like summer or winter, it helps to take preventive or reactive measures to avoid the death of the queen bee and thereby lose the hive.


Maintaining it within the optimal ranges, ensures the survival and vigor of the queen bee, to lay eggs in quantities that increase the yield in honey production or in pollination services.


We show where the hives are located according to the coordinates of the property, alerting to any change of location not authorized by the beekeeper, reducing the likelihood of theft of bees.

Weather Forecast

Every 3 hours, we deliver the weather conditions of the property for the next 72 hours, allowing preventive actions to ensure the survival of the bees either by changes in temperature, increase in wind, frost, rain, etc.


We warn of any change in the weather parameters of the property and within the hives, so that beekeepers can take preventive or reactive actions in a short time, either by abnormal changes in weight, temperature, humidity or by the presence of strong winds or frost that affect the bees.