Did you know that the more bees you have within the hive, the higher percentage come out to pollinate, increasing the yield of your crop?

Thanks to the greater number of bees that visit the flowers, it improves the curd and quality of the fruit in the crops near the hives. This is achieved by keeping the queen bee in optimal conditions to breed, in a virtuous circle that will have more bees to pollinate searching for nectar in the flowers to prepare their food. The highest number of visits per flower has proven increases * in yield per hectare of at least:

Avocado and Rabish

*Source: “Estudio estratégico de la cadena Apícola de Chile”, ODEPA 2015.

Higher Productivity

Hives monitoring allows corrective actions to be taken to improve pollination, which has an incremental effect on the performance of your crops (better curd and size of pollinated crops).

Better Communication

You can contact directly with the beekeeper before any situation that can affect the bees before, during and after the pollination season, so that you can have strong and vigorous hives whenever you need them.

More Prevention

With Beewaze you can monitor the environmental variables of the hive and the farm to be pollinated, to carry out preventive actions with the beekeeper and get the most of the pollinating potential of the bees.


Our software integrates science and data, allowing us to follow the pollination hours and to know how many bees are going in and out daily.


It allows the beekeeper to control the optimum temperature of the queen bee, its laying activity and the state of the eggs and larvae. More breeding means more bees available to pollinate.


If it is kept in the optimum ranges, the survival and vigor of the queen bee is guaranteed, which will be able to lay eggs in quantities that ensure and increase the bees available to pollinate.


We show where the hives are located according to the coordinates of the property, alerting any no authorized change of location.


Every 3 hours, we deliver the weather conditions of the property for the next 72 hours, allowing to take preventive actions that ensure the productivity of the bees and the care of the crops.


We warn of any change in the weather parameters of the farm and inside the hives, to take preventive or reactive actions in a short time.