Sensors within the Hives

We monitor weight, humidity and temperature within the hive and outside (temperature, humidity, rainfall, wind speed, solar radiation and weather forecast), using fine sensors to not disturb the bees.


We show the information in a private session, with the possibility of programming notifications of alarms among beekeepers before the appearance of plagues, robberies, presence of pesticides, among others.


The platform allows to program alerts before changes in the normal parameters of the hives, which allows beekeepers to act quickly and warn, for example, the presence of an agro-chemical or plague.

We monitor hives for a population of healthy and strong bees, helping the beekeeper and farmer

We bring the IoT technology to the hives, monitoring temperature, humidity and weight. This information is delivered together with the external weather conditions to make periodic reports both inside and outside the hives, 24/7. This data is processed by the Beewaze Kit and sent to our web platform through WI-FI or 3G connection, so that our customers can have all the information in the palm of their hand.

During the pollination, the farmer will be able to see the information of the beehives in his property, being able to take preventive measures in conjunction with the beekeeper to increase the yield of his crops.

To the Beekeeper we inform in real time about the conditions inside and outside of the hives so that he can make quick decisions in the care of the bees and diminish the death of them.

Remote Support

We make sure that you do not have any problems in the installation and monitoring, so that you have the information in the palm of your hand as quickly as possible

Technical Support

Our product is developed with the best quality standards, but we help you in case of any unforeseen accident.


In order to send data, we connect to the network with better availability on the farm, backing the information in the event of loss of connection.


We want to be the tool most used by beekeepers and farmers, so we ask your help to continue improving and developing technology to increase productivity in the farms of the world.

We want to work with you to take care of your bees and monitor their work in a sustainable way, so that you can collaboratively obtain the maximum potential. If you have any doubts, contact us!!